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Giovanni Cesaraccio Naturalist

Giovanni Cesaraccio, born in La Maddalena on October ’50, is considered by the most an important point of reference on flora, fauna and geology of the entire La Maddalena Archipelago. Introverted and not at all accustomed to any form of protagonism, he obtained uncommon satisfactions thanks to the discovery of rare species such as the Silene velutina (an almost completely extinct endemic plant), the Bedriaga lizard, the Julgoldite Fe2+ (a rare mineral) as well as the discovery of an insect, unknown at the time, which was given its name: the Amaurorhinus cesaraccioi (weevils family).

His premature death, in ’92, deprived the Archipelago of one of its greatest connoisseurs not before he left his indelible mark on the hearts and minds of La Maddalena inhabitants as well as in academic books. The Geo-mineralogical Naturalistic Museum in La Maddalena is dedicated to him.

“Caprera is among the Mediterranean islands, one of those where the sacredness of nature is still tangible”.
La Maddalena


Giovanni Cesaraccio Naturalist