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Sea ​​urchins

Sea urchins are invertebrate organisms, belonging to the class Echinoidea, characterized by a hard shell with a rounded shape and the presence on it of more than a thousand spines. In addition to an obvious defense function from possible predators, the spines, thanks to their slow movement, allow the animal to move along the seabed in search of food and protection.

There are around 950 different types in the world but they all prefer rocks and rocky seabeds, generally in deep areas that are poorly lit by sunlight. Sea urchins are predominantly herbivorous but some types also feed on some organic substances deposited on the seabed such as shells, small stones, sponges or other marine animals.

Their color varies according to sex, usually in fact, male specimens are only black, while females are predominantly purple, brown, red, green but also pink and blue. The presence of these specimens is the natural signal of the cleanliness of the water: in fact they tend to flee from polluted environments, preferring instead uncontaminated areas.

Montebello21 ✓ Alert It is absolutely forbidden to take, collect, hold, transport, land and market sea urchins during the biological closure period and for all amateur fishermen not in possession of a regular permit. The administrative sanctions, as per the ordinance, may vary from 2,000 to 12,000 euros.

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Sea ​​urchins