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As unpleasant as what happened, for those who love walking in the unspoiled nature of Sardinia it’s possible to come into contact with unwanted insects and animals and, even if very rarely, potentially harmful to humans.

First of all, we must be aware that we are in their natural environment, their home, while we are simple visitors sometimes not even very welcome and respectful. It can therefore happen to find a small tick attached to our skin, do not panic, but what to do in these cases?

What to do?

Ticks Wear, if possible, protective gloves so as not to touch the tick directly with your hands;

Ticks Disinfect the portion of skin around the insect;

Ticks Grasp the tick with tweezers as close as possible to the skin surface and remove it by pulling gently with a slight twisting motion;

Ticks If we still notice some fragments of the insect remove them gently using a sterile syringe needle;

Ticks Disinfect the entire affected area again;

Ticks Destroy the tick, possibly by burning it;

Ticks Apply a tetracycline-based cream for a couple of days according to the advice of your doctor.

What not to do?

Ticks Do not apply directly on the insect heat sources and substances such as alcohol, acetone, trichlorethylene, ammonia, oil…;

Ticks During removal avoid squeezing the body of the tick to prevent “regurgitation” from entering the wound.

Montebello21 ✓ Alert The suggestions given are for informational purposes only and in no case can they constitute the formulation of a diagnosis or the prescription of a treatment. It’s therefore recommended to always seek the opinion of your doctor and/or the most suitable specialists.

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