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Churches and Parishes

Agonia nostro Signore Gesù Cristo

La Maddalena Island. The parish church, dating back to 1905 and dedicated to the Agony of Our Lord Jesus Christ, has undergone countless changes over the decades. Today, the chapel is mainly used by the institute for the elderly Oasi Serena. The gabled façade, articulated on three levels, is recognizable. At the base there are two rectangular portals with oculi with a granite frame, the three arched windows and the large, mullioned window under the slopes. Inside, the mosaic positioned behind the apse is valuable.

Montebello21 ✓ Location Via Silvio Pellico, 22

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Cappella della Madonna della Pace

Caprera Island. After a long period of abandonment, in 1998 the willing believers of Stagnali hamlet made a complete renovation also giving to Caprera a dignified place for prayer.

Madonnetta dei Pescatori

La Maddalena Island. Perched on a granite boulder overlooking the sea in one of the most beautiful and evocative places of the Archipelago, this small chapel is, to this day, the destination of the faithful devoted to the small statue of Virgin Mary, savior from the dangers of the sea.

Santa Maria Assunta

Santa Maria Island. In 1243, following her divorce from King Enzo, Adelasia di Torres obtained the forgiveness of Pope Innocent IV through the intercession of the prior of a small group of Benedictine monks of Sancta Maria Inter Insulas Budellis.

Santa Maria Maddalena

La Maddalena Island. The first documented church on the island was built in 1768 in Collo Piano area. The gradual movement of the population towards the more central Cala Gavetta harbour made it necessary to build a new place for prayers. This is how the first project for the construction of Santa Maria Maddalena Church was born, dating back to 1780 and curated by military engineer Marciot. From 1815 to 1993, the church changed its face several times. From the increase in size demanded by Baron Des Geneys, to the Mediterranean-style facade of architect Mossa, up to the interventions of Cianchetti to restore the original neoclassical aspect of the structure.

The church, simple and discreet, hosts some interesting relics: the high altar and the large wooden crucifix arrived from Genoa in 1831, the statue of Mary Magdalene dating from the eighteenth century and the crucifix with two silver candlesticks donated by Admiral Orazio Nelson in 1804.

Montebello21 ✓ Location Via Ilva, 1

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Santissima Trinità

La Maddalena Island. The oldest church in the whole Archipelago, a place for prayers, devotees and ex-votes of the island.

La Maddalena


Churches and Parishes