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Cala Aiacciolu

Montebello21 ✓ Cala Aiacciolu

Cala Aiacciolu is a small beach located on the south side of Santa Maria Island, wild, rocky and bathed in a turquoise and crystalline sea, it is immersed in the characteristic scents and colors of the Mediterranean scrub. The beach is characterized by medium-fine pinkish sand and schist rocks that stand out against a sea full of fish and rich in oceanic Posidonia.

Montebello21 ✓ Alert No service available.

Montebello21 ✓ Alert It’s forbidden to light fires, collect or remove flora and fauna (terrestrial and marine), sand, rocks and shells.

Montebello21 ✓ Alert During the high season there is a large number of private and tourist boats.

Montebello21 ✓ Alert Bathing with suitable shoes is recommended.

Montebello21 ✓ Notice For a serene and conscious holiday, please consult the National Park zoning map on the official website Lamaddalenapark.it.