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Geo-mineralogical Museum

Inaugurated in 2002, the museum consists of two large rooms where samples of rocks, minerals, fossils, sands, shells, marine flora and fauna from La Maddalena Archipelago National Park are exhibited. There is also a small room equipped for video projections and teaching as well as a laboratory with microscopes and everything needed for the identification and classification of the samples to be shown.

Montebello21 ✓ Location Borgo di Stagnali

Montebello21 ✓ Phone 0039 329 6221680

Montebello21 ✓ Mail

Montebello21 ✓ Notice Timetable
Everyday: 9.00/13.00 – 15.00/19.00

Ticket price
Single entry 2,50€

Montebello21 ✓ Alert Timetable and prices may undergo some changes, if necessary it’s recommended to deepen on the official channels.

La Maddalena


Geo-mineralogical Museum