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House of the sea by Stefano Boeri

An hotel, a congress centre, a conference building, two large commercial spaces and a quay for 700 boats built according to strict principles of environmental sustainability and with the utmost respect for the natural landscape of the entire archipelago. Designed and built in just 18 months to host the 2009 G8 Summit, subsequently moved to L’Aquila, it allowed the reclamation of aprox. 155,000 sm, equipping the island with new structures, ports and accommodations that could allow La Maddalena to become one of the main maritime poles of the western Mediterranean.

Cleverly designed by Stefano Boeri, the intervention on the former Military Arsenal is a balanced set of new buildings and fine renovations, “a city within a city” perfectly equipped to respond, throughout the year, to the most advanced requirements of yachting sailing the Mediterranean sea.

Montebello21 ✓ L'ex Arsenale di Stefano Boeri - Arcipelago di La Maddalena

Stefano Boeri, born in Milan in 1956, in addition to being a world-renowned architect and urban planner, is recognized as an extraordinary aggregator of professionalism in the study of the geopolitical and environmental implications of urban phenomena. In fact, his project for the famous Vertical Forest in Milan, a residential building covered with over 700 trees and 20,000 plants is the first model of urban forestation that conceives vegetation as an architectural key marrying environmental sustainability with economic efficiency in order to create an avant-garde housing model replicable not only in the richer areas of the city but also in popular neighborhoods and in all urban suburbs.

Stefano Boeri has also developed important seafront redevelopment projects at European level, including the ports of Marseilles, Genoa, Thessaloniki, Mytilene, Naples, Trieste as well as having carried out considerable urban redevelopment interventions in the cities of Rome, Moscow, Beijing , São Paulo, Qingdao, Marseille, Astana, Venice, Bolzano and Doha.

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La Maddalena


House of the sea by Stefano Boeri