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Most beautiful villages in Italy

Set between granite rocks and crystalline sea, the crossroads of some of the historical events that most marked the “belpaese”, La Maddalena enters by right into the exclusive club that brings together the most ancient and precious Italian pearls. The seafaring city is therefore not only one of the most famous Italian tourist destinations but a place where it is possible to breathe, in addition to that of juniper and myrtle, also the scent of history and culture.

To enter the elite of The most beautiful villages in Italy, an association created with the aim of enhancing the great cultural heritage of small Italian towns, it is necessary to pass a very rigorous selection. In fact, there are ninety parameters that must be respected, including: the beauty of the area, the architectural quality, the harmony of the materials and the built volumes, the enhancement of the heritage, the decorum, the demolition of architectural barriers, cleanliness and eco-sustainability.

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La Maddalena


Most beautiful villages in Italy