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Zoning Map

The term “zoning” means the subdivision of the territory into multiple areas that have different characteristics and regulations. An indicative summary of the provisions on fishing and recreational boating activities can be consulted on the official website or, for further information, you can refer to the Presidential Decree of May 17, 1996 (Decree establishing the Park Authority).

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 Ta Zone
Terrestrial zone of integral reserve

The prohibitions in force in the Tb areas apply; access to non-residents, the removal of flora, fauna, minerals and the abandonment of any kind of waste are also prohibited.

 Tb Zone
Terrestrial area of general reserve

The collection and damage of endemic or rare flora, the taking of animal species and mineral formations, the lighting of fires and free camping are prohibited.

 Tc Zone
Partial reserve land area

The regulations until the Park plan comes into force.

 Ma Zone
Marine reserve area

The prohibitions in force in the Mb area apply; Navigation, mooring, fishing and scuba diving are also prohibited.

 Mb Zone
Marine reserve area

Unauthorized navigation, mooring, unauthorized sport fishing and unauthorized scuba diving are prohibited.

 Mb Zone Within 300 meters from the coast.

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Zoning Map