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Ciano, the forgotten statue

In an old abandoned granite quarry, in Cala di Villamarina on Santo Stefano Island, you can see the bust of an enormous unfinished statue. The work, commissioned by Benito Mussolini to the sculptor Arturo Dazzi, should have been part of the mausoleum built in Monteburrone (Livorno) to host the tombs of the fascist hierarch Costanzo Ciano and his family.

Montebello21 ✓ Costanzo Ciano, the forgotten statue - Arcipelago di La Maddalena
“Wikipedia – TomStoneMaster”

According to the project, the monument should have consisted of a large base surmounted by a statue, 12 meters high, which represented him driving his “mas” (armed torpedo boat). It was also planned to build a colossal lighthouse, in the shape of a fasces, more than 50 meters high.

The work, with the fall of fascism, was never completed and only a massive tower about 17 meters high remained of the mausoleum, while the imposing lighthouse was mined and demolished by the German sappers. The bust, on the other hand, has remained perfectly preserved and can still be admired today by visitors who are intrigued by this silent figure visible from the sea.

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Ciano, the forgotten statue