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Millelire and Napoleon

At the age of 24, Napoleon Bonaparte arrived at La Maddalena on February 22nd 1793 with a French expedition commanded by Colonna Cesari and made of 22 ships and 600 men. Arriving from France to conquer Sardinia, they settled on the island of Santo Stefano from which they had the opportunity to systematically bomb La Maddalena (the “Napoleon ball”, one of the unexploded bombs thrown to destroy the town, is still preserved in the Town Hall’s Council room).

Montebello21 ✓ Millelire e la prima sconfitta di Napoleone nell'Arcipelago di La Maddalena

Domenico Millelire, a 32 years old helmsman from La Maddalena, became the hero of the resistance, protecting the Sardinian coasts. With the hard blows of his cannons, positioned in Punta Tegge, and on an boat infiltrated among the enemies’ ships, he surprised the commander of the French Republic fleet to such an extent that he forced him, after only three days, to order the retreat towards Corsica. Young lieutenant and future emperor of France Napoleon Buonaparte experienced defeat for the first time.

The heroism shown in battle earned Domenico Millelire promotions, money and even a gold medal for military valor.

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Millelire and Napoleon