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007 – James Bond

In 1977, the tenth film of the most famous English secret agent starring a young Roger Moore, “007 – The Spy Who Loved Me”, was released in every theater around the world.

A lot of it was filmed in the north of Sardinia, more precisely in Costa Smeralda. The chase between Bond’s Lotus Esprit S1 and “Steel-toothed Shark” (Richard Kiel) gave birth to some of the most spectacular and tense scenes in the entire saga.

007 - James Bond

Palau, La Maddalena Archipelago, Capriccioli beach, Cala Volpe and some narrow streets in Porto Cervo were a splendid set for the Hollywood movie. This location, it’s said, was chosen for the love Roger Moore had for these places: blue and crystalline sea, wild rocks carved by the wind, beaches with sweet and fine sand, excellent food and, of course, beautiful women.


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La Maddalena


007 - James Bond