Red Desert by Antonioni

Red Desert, also known as The Red Desert, is a 1964 feature movie directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, his first color work. He was awarded with a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival for best film, with the Silver Ribbon for best photography with Carlo Di Palma and with the Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards for best foreign film.

The movie, starring a splendid Monica Vitti and Richard Harris, takes place almost entirely in the gray Ravenna. Only one scene is different, serene and positive, the one in which Giuliana (Monica Vitti) tells her son the fairy tale of a girl who lives on an island (Budelli): “There was a girl who lived on an island. She was bored with adults, and they frightened her” The beach was pink, pure, magical and embodied Giuliana’s deep desire for freedom.

The neorealistic joke pronounced with skill and sensitivity by Monica Vitti “My hair hurts” (quoted from a poem by Amelia Rosselli) remained famous.

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