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Protected dunes

Dunes are sandy formations distributed along the coast that are formed thanks to the combination of winds and sea currents. The air flows lift the sand, accumulated thanks to the action of the sea, moving it towards the land up until an obstacle will allow it to settle. The dunes are fragile and subject to continuous changes and downsizing, only the presence of vegetation allows, in fact, stabilization and greater durability.

Tourism and bathing are often the biggest threat to these natural formations. In the summertime, when a large number of tourists arrives, their crossing of these sandy formations triggers irreversible erosion processes destroying the pioneering vegetation and causing the gradual flattening of the dunes.

Protected dunes

The role of barrier against the progress of the sea and winter storms makes the sand dunes an element to be respected and protected. For this reason the Park Authority has created some paths and runners delimited by wooden stakes, so that people can reach the sea without damaging the coast.

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Protected dunes Sources and Insights

La Maddalena


Protected dunes