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Ilvamaddalena 1903

The story of Ilva began in 1903, initially with gymnastics and running, then with soccer, which increasingly gained many favors. In the early years, the performances were good at a local level, but it was with Salvatore Mura that the society made an impact nationally. Those were difficult years, and the war did not spare the athletes: they were sent to the front and some of them, unfortunately, did not return.

After the First World War, the club resumed its sporting activities, challenging the cadets of Cagliari Football Club up to the 2nd division championship. The era of conflicts, however, was not over yet and competitive activities were suspended again for the start of the Second World War.

Montebello21 ✓ Garibaldi, il Vate di Caprera - Arcipelago di La Maddalena

After the end of the war, the enthusiasm for sport and especially soccer grew: in 1947, six teams competed for the town league. In the following years, reaching “Serie D” was one of the most important sporting periods for the island of La Maddalena. In 1961, Ilva reached the national amateur final and, despite the defeat with Borgomanero, it wrote another important page of his history.

The 70s and 80s saw the company challenge important continental teams such as Siena, Pro Vercelli and Pavia, but despite some valuable matches, the relegation among amateurs was inevitable. After the umpteenth promotion, in 1994 “Ilva” merged with “Polisportiva Maddalena”, another island’s group. Thus was born “Ilvamaddalena 1903”, which to this day continues to give great satisfaction to the white-blue fans of the Lions’ den.

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Ilvamaddalena 1903